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Миниатюрные американские овчарки

 Ivie Farms King and the Jester  "Andrey"

 11 10 2019  (import USA)  

GRAND CH USA, USA CH Alta Dare to be Unchained x Red Rock Alice in Wonderland

JCh Russia, JCh RKF,



HSF4: +/+ (Clear) (by parent),   CEA: +/+ (Clear) (by parents),   PRA: +/- (Carren),   MDR1:+/+ (Clear) (by parents),  DM: +/+ (Clear) (by parent)



    Trails Ends Tatem  "Taty"  

 05 11 2018  (import USA)  

Ch AKC Pocket s Full of Cash  xCh AKC Brassy Acres Letters to Juliet@Trails End 

JCh Russia, JCh RKF, Ch Russia,



HSF4: +/+ (Clear) (by parent),   CEA: +/+ (Clear) (by parents),   PRA: +/+ (Clear)(by parents),   MDR1:+/+ (Clear) (by parents),  

DM: +/+ (Clear) (by parent), CNGB3 +/+ (Clear) (by parents), SLC2A9 +/+ (Clear) (by parents),  

BEST1 +/+ (Clear) (by parents),CLN6 +/+ (Clear) (by parents) 

HD-А/А, ED-0/0 


   Rune Ave Dinornis de L'univers D'evine  "Rune" 

04 02 2020  (import France)  

Ch. Ashland's Keep cool and believe in me x  Ch. One more time De l'Univers d'Evine

HSF4: +/+ (Clear) (by parent),   CEA: +/+ (Clear) (by parents),   PRA: +/+ (Clear)(by

parents),MDR1:+/+ (Clear) (by parents),DM: +/+

(Clear) (by parents),CLN6 +/+ (Clear) (by parents)

HUU+/+ (Clear) (by parents)


     Ave Dinornis Montana  " Mona "

25 04 2020 (Russia)

Alta Russian Dream x Ivie Farms Shes Stellar

BIS baby 

HSF4: +/+ (Clear) (by parent),   CEA: +/+ (Clear) (by parents),   PRA: +/+ (Clear)(by

parents),MDR1:+/+ (Clear) (by parents),DM: +/+ (Clear) (by parents)