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 This year is finished, it was successful. We wait for 2019

16 12 2018 IDS "Cup president's"  IDS CACIB

Seventy Seven Brigantia  Best female CAC ChRKF CACIB


австралийские овчарки австралийские овчарки  

 15.12.2018 IDS CACIB-FCI, Сh RKF   "Nevskiy Winner" St.Petersburg 
Seventy Seven Brigantia    BIBA

Best female BOS  CAC  Ch RKF  CACIB

австралийские овчарки австралийские овчарки



                                                                  National championship of Australian shepherds 25 11 2018 Moscow

                                We well acted and perfectly went. Biba Winner of working class, Marika the second excellent working class, CC


17 11 2018   NDS "St-Petersburg"   MARIKA CAC, BEST FEMALE, BOS! 




21 10 2018 Estonia of Rakvere   Макrika  САС, Best female, BOS!!

Marika 2 years! Six young champions, now and six champions. Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltica.


20 10 2018  We have held a fine photoshoot with Andrey Yershov 

All photos from this wonderful walk it is possible to look ❤️ at Marika and Biba ❤️ here 


австралийская овчарка питомник Аве Динорнисавстралийская овчарка питомник Аве Динорнис



26 09 2018   Мarika   HD A/A  ED 0/0

25 09 2018

Marika herding days


16 09 2018 NDS

Biba  CAC  BOB  BEST in GROUP !!!


15 09 NDS " Day lapy , drug"

 Biba CAC , BOB , Best in group!!



09 09 2018 SPb, IHW TS 1 class  Judge Barbara Kiss

Marika , 4 place (4/8)  


22 08 2018 IDS "Velikiy Novgorod" CACIB

77 Brigantia aka BIBA

CAC, R. CACIB , Best female-2.

 01 08 2018 This month our ❤️Marike❤️ executed two years))))

I am happy that I have her))) 

австралийская овчарка ауссиавстралийская овчарка аусси


14 07 2018 Special show of Australian shepherds city of Tula

The championship of Russia on shepherd's service. Маrika and I)))


12 05 2018 Belarus Grodno Special show herding dog

Marrandi Nasha Marka CAC ,Best female , BOB , BIS-3!!! New young champion of Belarus!!!!

Seventy Seven Brigantia CAC ,New young champion of Belarus!!!!

NDS Marika CAC BOS  Biba CAC

австралийские овчарки питомник Аве Динорнисавстралийские овчарки питомник Аве Динорнис



австралийские овчаркиавстралийские овчарки





06 05 2018 NDS Talsi Latvia

Marrandi Nasha Marka -CAC , Best Female, BOB, BIS-3!! New young champion of Latvia!

Seventy Seven Brigantia 2 ex 































05 05 2018 NDS Jonava Litva

Marrandi Nasha Marka - CAC Best female BOB BIG-2!! Again champion of Lithuania!

Seventy Seven Brigantia - JCAC Best junior!!  New junior champion of Lithuania







 02 05 2018  Len. area  Zoostrovie

Marika - Winner herding  competitions !! IHW TS 1 class (1/4)

Biba- HWT TS 64 poins!!!

30 04 2018 Moskow   Special show Australian shepherd

Marika-  Winner of working class , candidate for champions of national club, Best female-3!

Biba - ex. junior class






Marika  new title "Champion of RKF"

24 04 2018  Marika has received a new title the Champion RKF

NDS " Sirius" CAC , Best Female,  BOB, Champion RKF

The first day of the IDS  "White Nights 2018", Fiji "The best baby", Marika 1 ex.CAC  

We presented a new banner of kennel at the Australian shepherd stand!!!

17 03 2018   Seminar on OBD T. Alexandrova (Moskow)

Seventy Seven Brigantia 


13 03 2018   Marrandi Nasha Marka   Eyes test: clear, - [13.03.20178] 


11 03 2018   Sankt-Petersburg Zaostrove "Kennel clab SPb"    IWT TS

Second place in the competition of shepherds. He defeated her, separated by only one point

01 03 2018      JСh. Russia

Seventy Seven Brigantia  Biba 

24 02 2018

Leningrad Region, of Zaoostrovye Kredo club, judge Inna Baranova (Moscow)

Today there have taken place competitions in 1 class on shepherd's trial. Five dogs participated, we from Marikaya have taken the 2nd place)))) I am very glad, there were strong and worthy competitors 







03 02 2018 SPb  Special show of Australian shepherds

Junior  winner of national club-Biba (Seventy Seven Brigantia)

 Winner  champion class -Marika (Marrandi Nasha Marka)

28 01 2018. Fine beginning of year! Ours of Bibe in Estonia, in Narva

JCAC, Best junior, Best of breed, New Junior champion of Estonia         Winner of Best 1 group!!!

Remarkable victory of young Biby on the eve of her first birthday))))

австралийская овчарка питомник Аве Динорнисавстралийская овчарка питомник Аве Динорнис

австралийская овчарка питомник Аве Динорнисавстралийская овчарка питомник Аве Динорнис

























06 01 2018

 IHW TS competitions , judge Tatyana Alexandrova (Russia Moscow), of Zaostrovye

Our debut in the 2nd class, unfortunately, to qualification haven't gained points (we have only 48 points). But in general, I am very happy with our passing of the route, everything that were able to do was shown, we were 2 of 4)). Ahead we have as early as the whole year, it is necessary to train))))