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 27 12 2017

There has arrived our certificate!! Marika champion of Russia)))  

 25 12 2017

From RKF  we have received our international certificate on working qualities.

He grants the right to participate in working class of the FCI show 

23 12 2017

NDS "Petersburg vstrechi"

Biba- JCAC, Best junior , BOB!!!

16 12 2017 IDS "Nevskiy winner"
Seventy Seven Briganta "Biba"-BEST JUNIOR
Мarrandi Nasha Marka "Marika"-1 ex. open class

11 11 2017

Biba , NHAT TS , Sankt-Petersbirg  judge T Аlexandrova (Моskow) -VG!

Маriка HWT-TS 1 class  ,52 points , qualification, 2 place



Biba  New  young champion of Russia!!!

04 11 NDS JCAC,Best Junior                05 11 NDS JCAC, BOB , BIG 2!!
04 11 RDS JCAC, Best Junior, BOB      05 11 NDS JCAC Best Junior!   


Marika New champion of Russia!!                                                       

04 11 NDS САС,BOB   05 11 NDS CAC, BOB 
04 11 RDS CAC            05 11 NDS CAC


 29 10 2017

Ours of Biba has grown up and in these days off will already open a class of juniors, and Marika an adult class. For now girls frolic at the dacha))

07 10 2017  HWT TS 72 points !!! "Kredo" Sankt-Peterburg

Judge Inna Baranova (Moskow)


 23 09 2017  "Nafani", Moskow. Jugde Jouko Siitonen (Finland)

We from Marika for the first time in life have participated in competitions in shepherd's service. We acted in a zero class. We have taken the honourable last place)))), but have got invaluable experience. The judge Yoko (he is engaged in Australians) has praised Marika, "if you work with her, reliable, very good dog will grow from her".


09 09 2017

Special show of Australian shepherds  Judge  Natalya Sedyh   Арто-колорит (ПК) 

Biba ( Seventy Seven Brigania) "Best puppy show"                                                   Мarika  ( Мarrandi Nasha Marka) СС "ex"













17 09 2017

 Always well when your plans are carried out!
And our trip to Vilnius has put end of a class of juniors. We from Marikaya have made everything that we have planned in juniors!!
Young champion of Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Young champion of the Baltic Countries.
That's it!! We are good fellows!!! Our amicable team: Marika, Nastya and I has very well worked!! In juniors we any more don't act))) we Wait for opening of adult classes in November. For now we graze sheep))))