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We are very glad that our kennel had the website, of course here not all news,

we will begin to publish news since the moment of creation of the website!!

Always well when your plans are carried out!
And the trip to Vilnius has put end. We from Marika have made everything that we have planned in juniors!!
Young champion of Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Young champion of the Baltic Countries.

That's it!! We are good fellows!!! Our amicable team: Marika, Nastya and I has very well worked!!

In juniors we any more don't act))) we Wait for opening of adult classes in November. For now we graze sheep))))


09 09 2017
Show of Australian shepherds
"Winner of club" Sankt-Petersburg, judge Sedikh Natalia

Biba (Seventi Seven Brigantia) "The best puppy "

Marika (Marrandi Nasha Marka) CC "excellent"










 23 09 2017 Nafani, Moscow area. Judge Jouko Siitonen (Finland)
We from Marikaya for the first time in life have participated in herding competitions . We acted in a zero class. We have taken the honourable last place)))), but have got invaluable experience. The judge Yoko (he is engaged in Australians) has praised Marika, "if you work with her, reliable, very good dog will grow from her".

23 09 2017 "Nafani", Moskow

I am very proud and happy. Marika and I have executed HWT-TS today. My remarkable dog has worked on 72 points. It is the international diplom!!! Marike is only 14 months)) she is the cleverest dog))) 





















16 10 2017

Australian shepherds of a super dog, they can swim +1 in October)))


We have received the first of six champion certificates.

Young champion of Russia.







29 10 2017
Our Biba has grown up and in these days off will already open a class of juniors, and Marika an adult class. For now girls frolic at the dacha))




























  Fine days!!
Biba (Seventy Seven Brigantia) 

 04 11 NDS JCAC,Best Junior.
04 11 RDS JCAC, Best Junior, BOB

05 11 NDS JCAC, BOB , BIG 2!!
05 11 NDS JCAC Best Junior




Марика  (Marrandi Nasha Marka)

04 11 RDS CAC

05 11 NDS CAC, BOB
05 11 NDS CAC



Marika new champion of Russia!!

Bibe new young champion of Russia!!








11 11 2017
Testing of a shepherd's instinct, of Zaoostrovye, Leningrad Region,
judge Alexandrova Tatyana (Moscow)
 Bibe has passed test of a shepherd's instinct of TPI and I have got the highest point of TPI 1. 














Marika 11 11 20:17 IHT-1 TS
 52 points, qualification 1 classes, 2nd place
12 11 20:17 IHT-1 TS
 54 points, qualification 2nd class, 2nd place













We are very happy with our results in herding , there have passed only one and a half months from the moment of our debuts,
and we have already passed into the 2nd class! Ahead there is a lot of work, but I trust in the talented dogs, at us everything will turn out))